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Engagement photography

During our couple photo shoot, we’ll take a more intimate series of photographs of you, with a different style than your wedding images. Whilst the wedding photos are defined by the celebration and the formal attire, the engagement photos are shaped by you, your relationship and personality.


On your wedding day, we’ll take snapshots of the preparations. We’ll have an opportunity to capture the wedding dress, shoes, hairdo, makeup, wedding invitations, rings and all the other details.

WEDDING Decorations

Every little detail counts. The wedding invitation, the rings, the veil, the accessories. These provide that certain plus that make a wedding a celebration and the ceremony consists of presenting, donning and wearing them.

Bridal Portrait

The process of transformation – it’s wonderful to be a bride. Those who have experienced it will surely agree it’s something they’ll always remember. We’ll take portrait photos both during the preparations and once you’re ready.

wedding ceremony

During the ceremony, we’ll make sure to capture all the key moments. We’ll be present imperceptibly so we wouldn’t disturb the event. After the ceremony, we’ll take all the wedding group photos with the family members, relatives and friends. We’ll also capture the people congratulating the newlyweds.

wedding party & family

It’s a rare occasion to have the whole family, siblings, children and friends together. At times like these, it’s a must to take shared pictures and we even put special emphasis on taking unique, multi-generational photographs.

Couples photography

We can take creative photographs of you, whether on the wedding day or on a separate occasion. A unique location or theme can truly set the series of images apart.

sneak out

After the ceremonies, we elope with you from the wedding guests to take a few nighttime, on-site shots. Taking photos at night is a unique, intimate and romantic experience.

Varnished wooden gift box with a wooden USB drive

All our packages include:

  • a high-quality, wooden gift box
  • unique wooden USB pendrive
  • 10×15 cm size hardcopy images.

The feeling they convey is entirely different than merely looking at the photos on a screen.

Why choose us as your wedding photographer?




The images turned out great...


“The images turned out great and the cooperation was smooth and comfortable. Again, thank you very much.”

Kinga & Sebastian, 2016

The wedding album exceeded all our expectations...


“It was great working with You, you’re a really professional team. The photo shoot and the images are just as beautiful as we imagined they would be! The wedding album exceeded all our expectations and captured the day that means so much to us as a lasting, incredibly beautiful experience! Thank you! We only recommend You to our friends and acquaintances!”

Dalma & Gábor, 2016

You’re very flexible and skillful...


“The pictures are really friendly and expressive, even though we were/are challenging subjects. You’re very flexible and skillful and know how to professionally handle unforeseen situations, regardless of their nature, making the most of them. Thank you!” ”

Orsi & Zoli, 2016

The pictures really convey the moments...


“The pictures really convey the moments and let me relive our day. I have the feeling no one managed to take such stunning images of us before. The pictures of Barni are so cool! Thank you very much!! I think we got them very fast, you were super quick. Naturally, we were really looking forward to seeing them, along with many others!”

Zsófi & Barni, 2018

We are deeply satisfied...


“Once again, thank you for your work. We are deeply satisfied. The pictures are great and everyone else loves them as well – regardless of age, sex and religion. We wish you all the best and that you continue to find joy in your calling. Best wishes!”

Juli & Csongor, 2016

Endre Birta

Endre Birta

wedding photographer

I’ve been dealing with wedding photography for 15+ years and attended over 400 weddings. As a wedding photographer, I feel it’s my calling to capture these encounters, feelings and moments of love. Therefore I continuously train myself in order to provide You with the highest level of quality and stylistically unique services.

“I believe that life is change. I was born and grew up and felt that something was missing as a lone wolf. I filled this gaping hole when I found my partner. The time spent together and the shared experiences gradually brought us closer to one another. One day, we made the decision to tie our lives together and become a family. Through our wedding, we elevated our relationship to the next level and committed to each other for a lifetime. We believe that it’s our respect towards our relationship which we celebrated on our wedding day with our friends and relatives. The images taken at this event are tangible memories that we can be proud of and which we love sharing with others. It was one of the happiest days of our lives and the wedding photo album allows us to experience this again and again. As a wedding photographer, it’s my mission to help you re-experience the joy and liberation of your wedding day.


The ‘Fine Art’ photo album is the artistic pinnacle of wedding photography. After the wedding, a book like this gives a tangible form to all that has become “history” by then.

The images truly come into their own in this manner – becoming much more than something witnessed on a screen. Far more people love viewing images in a book. You can re-experience the wedding days through the pages of the book.

Exclusive ‘Fine Art’ albums:

• You can choose from over 30 different captivating covers
• 640 dpi resolution digital imaging
• We use professional photo paper, which can capture a visual experience for up to 150 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

I love what you’re doing! How can we book your services?
After completing the offer request form, we’ll send You an offer. We then give you a call to arrange a meeting in person. If you live abroad, we can communicate via Skype. If you like our images, we’d like to devote some time and attention to you so we could get a better picture of your ideas. The next step is preparing the contract. After the signing and receiving an advance payment (30%) we’ll fix the date in our calendar. This way, we can ensure that your wedding day photography will be an unforgettable experience.
Technical preparations – What happens if the camera malfunctions?

As a professional wedding photographer, we work with the latest digital technology. We use Canon DSLR cameras for weddings. We take at least 2 cameras and multiple lenses, a heap of batteries and memory cards with us so we would have plenty of equipment, when necessary. These technical preparations come with a price, but don’t forget that this provides you with the necessary SAFETY on your wedding day.

Post production – When will we get the wedding pictures?
Within 6 weeks from the wedding day.
The majority of the wedding photography work isn’t done on the wedding day, but rather in the weeks following the event, when the pictures are sorted and the professional post-production work is carried out. Depending on how full an event is, hundreds or even thousands of pictures are taken during a wedding, from which the best (at least 300-400 pictures) are selected – after retouching – and are delivered in digital format, high resolution and a size suitable for web transfers.
Post production – How do we get the images?
You can share your images with your friends and relatives in a unique, stylish online gallery! A website that’s all about you!

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