Endre Birta – wedding photographer

Endre Birta
wedding photographer

I’ve been dealing with wedding photography for 15+ years and attended over 400 weddings. As a wedding photographer, I feel it’s my calling to capture these encounters, feelings and moments of love. Therefore I continuously train myself in order to provide You with the highest level of quality and stylistically unique services.

Endre Birta 

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“I believe that life is change. I was born and grew up and felt that something was missing as a lone wolf. I filled this gaping hole when I found my partner. The time spent together and the shared experiences gradually brought us closer to one another. One day, we made the decision to tie our lives together and become a family. Through our wedding, we elevated our relationship to the next level and committed to each other for a lifetime. We believe that it’s our respect towards our relationship which we celebrated on our wedding day with our friends and relatives. The images taken at this event are tangible memories that we can be proud of and which we love sharing with others. It was one of the happiest days of our lives and the wedding photo album allows us to experience this again and again. As a wedding photographer, it’s my mission to help you re-experience the joy and liberation of your wedding day.

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