Intimate & Creative wedding photography

 After you’ve unwrapped all the gifts, all the guests have left and you’ve hung your wedding gown in the closet,
there’s only one thing left to do: making sure you’ll never forget this day,
because your wedding day has changed your life forever!

We always remember the emotions tied to certain events. Your wedding photos will help you recall the things you felt on your Big Day.

That’s why it’s worth choosing the right photographer. 


Together & at Ease

The big moment will come in your lives, after which you’ll carry on together, hand in hand. Everyone you love will be there at the wedding. Great encounters, moments, hugs, the time spent together and the joy to be felt on the Big Day.

Some questions might occur to you about wedding photography: 

  • Will the photos truly capture what we experience?
  • What are we going to look like in the pictures?

  • What kind of atmosphere will the photos reflect?

  • Can everything be captured? Does it represent the full story of our wedding? 


If you’re enjoying your wedding day and doing your best to make the most of the joyous moments,you’ve already done a lot to make sure you get the best pictures.

For wedding photography, I set a mood that allows for the natural presence of intimacy, creativity and feelings during the shoot. I create photos of you with a vision and imagery that ensures the presence of joy, togetherness and ease in the pictures.

Finally, it’s important to add that your wedding is a unique, unrepeatable moment of your lives, so it’s important for the pictures to turn out great.

We’re with you at every moment: 

  • When your parents add the final touches before sending you on your way to your partner.

  • When you’re celebrating with your siblings, grandparents and relatives.

  • When you say YES, the first kiss takes place and you’re dancing in joy.

My work can help you relive these feelings!


Just imagine...


…it’s not just a heap of photographs, but rather the wedding pictures come together to tell a shared story.

you can hold in your hands...

…a magazine-style edited photo album allowing you to flip through the best moments of the wedding again and again.

years later...

…so it would be an experience to look through the pictures taken at your wedding, even 10 years later.​

What you get...

Wooden Gift Box

Wooden Gift Box

  • Photo Slide Box Rectangle
  • USB drive
  • Paper prints
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    Fineart wedding photobook

    Fineart wedding photobook

    High quality:

  • You can choose from over 30 different captivating covers
  • 640 dpi resolution digital imaging
  • We use professional photo paper, which can capture a visual experience for up to 150 years
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    Wedding photo galleries

    We’ve been to some amazing weddings over the years. Look through some of the images of our couples.


    During our couple photo shoot, we’ll take a more intimate series of photographs of you, with a different style than your wedding images. Whilst the wedding photos are defined by the celebration and the formal attire, the engagement photos are shaped by you, your relationship and personality.


    The process of transformation – it’s wonderful to be a bride. Those who have experienced it will surely agree it’s something they’ll always remember. We’ll take portrait photos both during the preparations and once you’re ready.


    We can take creative photographs of you, whether on the wedding day or on a separate occasion. A unique location or theme can truly set the series of images apart.


    On your wedding day, we’ll take snapshots of the preparations. We’ll have an opportunity to capture the wedding dress, shoes, hairdo, makeup, wedding invitations, rings and all the other details.


    During the ceremony, we’ll make sure to capture all the key moments. We’ll be present imperceptibly so we wouldn’t disturb the event. After the ceremony, we’ll take all the wedding group photos with the family members, relatives and friends. We’ll also capture the people congratulating the newlyweds.


    Every little detail counts. The wedding invitation, the rings, the veil, the accessories. These provide that certain plus that make a wedding a celebration and the ceremony consists of presenting, donning and wearing them.


    It’s a rare occasion to have the whole family, siblings, children and friends together. At times like these, it’s a must to take shared pictures and we even put special emphasis on taking unique, multi-generational photographs.

    Endre Birta
    wedding photographer

    I’ve been dealing with wedding photography for 15+ years and attended over 400 weddings. As a wedding photographer, I feel it’s my calling to capture these encounters, feelings and moments of love. Therefore I continuously train myself in order to provide You with the highest level of quality and stylistically unique services.

    Endre Birta 

    Behind the scenes - Video of a photo shoot

    “I believe that life is change. I was born and grew up and felt that something was missing as a lone wolf. I filled this gaping hole when I found my partner. The time spent together and the shared experiences gradually brought us closer to one another. One day, we made the decision to tie our lives together and become a family. Through our wedding, we elevated our relationship to the next level and committed to each other for a lifetime. We believe that it’s our respect towards our relationship which we celebrated on our wedding day with our friends and relatives. The images taken at this event are tangible memories that we can be proud of and which we love sharing with others. It was one of the happiest days of our lives and the wedding photo album allows us to experience this again and again. As a wedding photographer, it’s my mission to help you re-experience the joy and liberation of your wedding day.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’ve summarized some of the questions we usually get asked by our couples.If you can’t find what you were looking for, contact us and we’ll help you out with your wedding photography needs.

    Sure! I’m more than happy to meet in person or chat over Skype or Messenger. This way, we can get to know each other and talk a little about your wedding. It’s a great help if I can get to know you and find out about your needs, so I could become attuned to you while taking the pictures. If I know more about Your story, the narrative of your images will be more unique.

    Once you’ve request an offer by completing the form, I’ll send You an offer. Then I’ll give you a call so we could set up a meeting in person. If you live abroad, we can communicate over Skype or Messenger. If you like the look of the pictures, I’d like to devote more time and care to finding out about your ideas. The next step is to prepare the contract. Once the contract has been signed and the advance payment has been made, we’ll book the dates in our calendar. This way, you can be sure the photos will provide you with an unforgettable experience on your wedding day.

    I handle the pictures with the utmost care and we make multiple backups of the digital images and save them in a safe, online gallery format designed for photographers. We work with the latest digital technology. The printing house offers a 10-year warranty for the Fineart albums.

    As professional wedding photographers, we work with the latest digital technology. We use Canon cameras at the weddings. We take at least 2 cameras to every wedding, along with multiple lenses, batteries and memory cards so we would have more equipment than necessary, just in case. This technical equipment comes with a price, but don’t forget this also provides you with the feeling of SAFETY on your wedding day.

    We create your own private, online password-protected gallery within 5-6 weeks after the wedding. This allows you to share the images with your loved ones. The wedding photographs are stored in the gallery for 2 years. I also provide a link via e-mail that lets you download all the pictures.

    I’ll discuss all the details with you before the wedding and recommend back-up dates as a kind of Plan B if there happens to be a thunderstorm on the day. We can take pictures on another day that will look just as pretty as those taken on your wedding day. I’d like to add that we can still take wonderful pictures even if the weather is overcast. So don’t worry about it!

    The packages can be flexibly adapted to suit your needs. If you’d like, we can create a unique wedding package tailored to your needs.

    Naturally, we also do photo shoots at family events. We also do baby-and-mother and Christmas photo shoots. We even have a couple who have asked us to keep coming back to take photos of their family for the past 7 years! We’re deeply grateful for these relationships and the chance to see their children grow year after year.

    I’ve been working as a wedding photographer for over 15 years in Hungary, Germany and Austria. My goal is to take photos of you that will still be a pleasure to look at even 10 years from now. My website features a list of reference works as well as the opinions of those who tasked us with creating their wedding photos and photo albums.

    Packages and Rates

    Choose the package that suits you!
    During a personal meeting, any package can be individually changed!
    Flexible package customization to suit your needs.


    Key elements
    • number of hours required: 10
    • getting ready, ceremonies, event photos, group pictures of family and friends
    • 300 retouched images in HQ and web optimized size in jpeg
    • Online Client gallery (password protected)
    • GIFT: musical slideshow


    From beginning to end of the story
    • number of hours required: 12
    • getting ready, ceremonies, event photos, group pictures of family and friends, decoration, location
    • 400 retouched images in HQ and web optimized size in jpeg
    • Online Client gallery (password protected)
    • GIFT: Engagement photography

    all day plus

    So the world is round
    • number of hours required: 14
    • getting ready, ceremonies, event photos, group pictures of family and friends, decoration, location
    • 600 retouched images in HQ and web optimized size in jpeg
    • 2nd photographer
    • Online Client gallery (password protected)
    • GIFT: musical slideshow
    • 20x20 fineart photobook

    Message & Inquiry

    Your message is important to us! If you do not receive a response within 2 business days,
    please call or find me on facebook. Get in touch!

    +36 30 308 8288

    Available: 9:00 – 19:00 (C.E.T.)


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